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Amaze your friends and family by peering deep into their minds and pulling out their most embarrassing thoughts!


Simply click the picture of your unsuspecting victim, or import a picture from your Photo Library, and the app will instantly read their minds and expose their intimate thoughts for you to laugh maniacally at (or be disturbed by to the very core of your soul)! Besides dozens of “thoughts” available at your fingertips this fun application’s features include:

• Option to Add Pics to Favorites album
• Ability to Import Pics from Photo Library
• Opportunity to Send Pics to your friends directly from your device
• Ability to instantly Save, Discard or Retake Pics
• Increase possibility of your friends mistaking you for an evil wizard

So point, click, laugh and/or blackmail your way to hours of fun, with your newfound and incredible mind reading powers!


Try using the App on non-human items such as pets, or household objects for some funny (or downright disturbing) thoughts that they might be harboring.

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