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Life got you down? Well, then let Comediyaan turn that frown upside down!

Pack your bags and get ready for a journey full of mirthful mayhem, as Comediyaan FULL VERSION is finally here to rescue you from stress-land and take you to laughter heaven!

Comediyaan brings you hilarious, rib-tickling, gut busting DESI jokes and stand-up comedy routines that are sure to give your funny bone a healthy workout! You’re just a few clicks away from letting our circus full of regional comedy champions melt your worries away.

This app is for those who crave for a little more desi flavor in their jokes, with content presented in HINDI/URDU and PUNJABI Languages! This is the perfect companion to have laughter on the go and to give your mood a li’l nudge in the right direction when you need it the most.

The VOLUME 1 contains routines by regional superstar comics such as:

  • Pervaiz Siddiqui
  • Rauf Lala
  • Shakeel Shah
  • Saleem Afridi
  • Zakir Mastana
  • Sikandar Sanam
  • Allah Rakha
  • Jan Rambo
  • Naseem Vicky
  • Zafri.

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