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Greenboard is an Education Platform that allows teachers and students meet together in a virtual world.

Greenboard is an Education Platform that allows teachers to create & assign homework and exam questions via web and students are able to attend to the assignments on thier iPod Touch or iPhone both online and offline and get results instantly.

In the class student will use school wifi network to sync the lesson, assignment and others infomation and after school they can review lesson and do homework offline and online.

To use this service we suggest you register with us first but you can also login without register just get the experience of M3Class. Please visit our website www.m3class.com for register and open your online school platform.

For Principal or Teacher want to use Greenboard platform please email to : support@m3class.com so we can include your school to our apps . Without school register and upload materials into our platform YOU CAN NOT use the main features of this apps.

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Apps Store

Full URL: http://itunes.apple.com/app/greenboard/id376779791?mt=8

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