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Mobilize your business TODAY! Improve the way you communicate with your clients, business partners, and even friends.


Using M3Blast, you can

  • Send messages on promotional offers, reward points, event reminders.
  • Communicate effortlessly to unlimited partners/clients on your databases.
  • Send info & updates to loyalty card members.
  • Broadcast special member day offers.
  • Send out discount vouchers and coupons to members' mobile phone, etc.

M3 Blast is uniquely positioned to provide your organization the ability to manage your business & mobile lifestyle through the use of mobile/web, delivering messages straight to the hands of your targeted clients and business partners' mobile handset. Why M3 Blast:

  • Low cost international SMS text messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
  • User friendly interface.
  • Send your message to unlimited member database within seconds, by group, individual or just select from your phone book.

Logon to www.m3blast.com for more info about M3Blast!

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Full URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/m3blast/id397081948

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