Search Quran

The “Search Quran” application humbly attempts to provide a unique and powerful tool to better understand the Holy Book.

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  • Search the entire Quran within seconds for key terms, words or topics.
  • Download Audio Recitation of the searched ayahs.
  • Conduct the search using ENGLISH, URDU or ROMAN URDU.
  • Switch translations instantly between ENGLISH, URDU and ROMAN URDU.
  • Presented in crisp HD Retina Display enhanced interface.
  • All searches conducted, included any downloaded audio is stored on the device for offline access as well.
  • Option is also included to manually refresh the memory and clear all search results.

The Search Quran application in various forms has been featured prominently and appreciated on various Programs on Network and National Television including GEO, PTV, ARY Digital, QTV, Waqt News, Haq TV, Health TV, Metro One etc.

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